Final Tile Set Complete!

Hey Backers!

We realized that we’d finished the last tile set and never showed it off. Below is a shot of all the tiles in the Eerie. This dark cave holds terrors the players fight at higher levels!

The Eerie

We’re also super excited to be getting all the miniatures soon. When we get them from Panda you can be sure that we’ll be showing them off!

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

Business as Usual

Hey Everyone,

Here we are again, another beautiful Friday! We are getting to the point where we don’t have much left to tell everyone. We have paid for the miniatures, play-tested the entire story, and are moving on to proofing all our text to send to Panda. Once everything is in Panda’s hands, we will probably move to less frequent updates, as we will all just be waiting for the game to get on the boat at that point.

We will definitely post updates when we have news, but unless someone is dying to hear about our adventures in battling spelling and grammatical errors, we just don’t have too much to tell. We will still check messages, emails, and comments, and will still post a few big updates for things like getting the proof copy and the production run of the rest of the minis.

We have some new art we debated on showing off, but in the end we decided that it was too spoiler heavy. We want to leave SOME surprises for you, after all! You guys are the best community of backers, and we hope your weekend is excellent!

-The Succubus Team

Minis Lineup

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve had great week. I know things have been going really good here at Succubus headquarters! We’ve been in constant contact with Panda getting everything all finalized with the minis. Now that Chinese New Year is coming to an end and we can get the minis actually cast, it’s full steam ahead. We are super excited!

We had a couple of scale things we had to get hammered out, and now we have an updated lineup to share with you. The whole lineup is REALLY big, so we cut it up into bite-sized chunks for your viewing pleasure. The full lineup is at the bottom if you want to see them all in one image. Just click on the image to see it in full size.

Lineup 1 Lineup 2 Lineup 3 Lineup 4 Lineup 5 Lineup 6 Lineup 7



Figure Lineup

“So what’s next?” I hear you asking. Well, next is our in-house proofing of the game. We are going to go through every card, each scenario, and the entire rulebook to make sure that everything is correct and ready for Panda. Once that is complete, Panda will send us an actual proof copy of the components and files. Once we okay that, then we can get the game in full production.

We are so close we can almost taste it! We know that it has taken a long time, and we are really grateful for all of your support and patience. We really think the wait will be worth it! Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

-The Succubus Team

Crawl Mode Update

Hey everybody,

Today, we wanted to share some updates as we put the finishing touches on the Crawl Mode. If you have read the rulebook that we posted a while back, you may notice that some things have changed. First off, we decided to make sure there was a good option for continuity between crawls. We’re making it so that you can play an entire scenario in 1-3 hours, as we wanted to give people who aren’t interested in long-term progression a game they could play in one night.

We also wanted to make sure that people who play the crawl mode got to experience all levels of play, so we are making 5 scenarios. If played consecutively, these will take a party from Mundane gear and level 1 abilities all the way to Rare gear and level 4 abilities. You can choose to play just one of the scenarios, as well, so each scenario will give the setup instructions for the party if they did not play the previous scenario.

In keeping with the goal of keeping a scenario under 3 hours, each scenario is now between 2 and 4 encounters long. In our previous design, there would be no way to finish a crawl scenario in an evening. We are big fans of story and continuity, so it has been a challenge to design a mode that isn’t just another Story mode. In designing the crawl mode, we are trying to give dungeon crawl enthusiasts a great experience without forcing them to commit to a daunting campaign.

Don’t worry, lovers of continuity and storytelling! The Story mode has not changed. ; ) We have fallen in love with these characters and we can’t wait to share them with all of you.

As a side note, we got our copy of Gloomhaven, and it is really good! They didn’t ask us to plug their game or give us free copies or anything like that. We just liked it so much that we wanted to tell everyone. If you haven’t checked it out, we highly recommend it!

Have a great weekend!

The Succubus Team

The Care and Feeding of NPCs

Hey everybody!

This week, we wanted to talk about NPCs in Middara. In case anyone is unfamiliar, NPC stands for Non-Player Character. They are people that you will meet on your path who have some effect on the story or gameplay. We have a lot of very colorful characters that the players may have to help, or receive help from. Some of these NPCs will participate in battles, either with a player-controlled Command card or an AI-driven Intelligent card.

Let’s look at one of our favorite examples of an NPC that you might meet along the way. This is Isla.



Without spoiling anything, you may or may not run across Isla, and the decisions you make will affect how her story plays out. Some NPCs will eventually join the party as PCs, or Player Characters. Others only appear briefly.

NPCs allow us to add flavor and texture to the story mode, as well as to give players meaningful choices. Do you save the life of an NPC at the party’s expense, or do you leave them to their fate and ensure your own safety? Do you tell an NPC a secret if you think they might help you, or do you keep your private affairs private for fear of betrayal? These are just a couple of examples of what NPCs allow us to do.

Another thing that NPCs are great for is introducing the players to the world of Middara. Rather than a faceless text book laying out a list of facts, interesting characters show you glimpses of the world around them. In a game where the story is so central, we need to have people to populate that story. We have tried to make them meaningful and memorable so that players remember a place they visited and the people they met.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Happy weekend!

The Succubus Team