Boss Fights!

Hey Everyone,

Today we wanted to showcase what is a staple of RPGS and Dungeon Crawls and something we are happy to have included in MIDDARA, boss fights! These are the pinnacle of what your team of adventurers have been gaining experience and gearing up for and there will be many bosses to encounter throughout your journey.

Getting down to the basics of what each boss will bring to the table:

  • A Combatant Card printed in the Adventure Book with unique artwork and AI.
  • Special Encounter rules to keep you on your toes during the fight. Unlike most combatants, you won’t have perfect knowledge of what the boss will do in every situation.
  • Special rewards for defeating them. This could be a large amount of Gold, unique loot for the type of combatant the Boss is, or even specific story items gained only by defeating the boss.

Some boss encounters also have special lose conditions which have the possibility of triggering an early ending for our intrepid adventurers.

We don’t want to spoil too much but we will show you an early Boss encounter in the first part of the story, the Warden.

The Warden 2
The Warden


Updated Timeline!

Hey backers!

Our Current Timeline

We had some individuals ask us about an updated timeline.

Right now, we’re working hard to get the digital files done by the end of February. Once we get the files sent over to Panda, there will be some back and forth to optimize the large amount of digital files for print. This process could take a week or two.

Following this, Panda will physically produce a pre-production sample for us. This can take a lot of time for miniature games, however Panda has been working with us on miniatures for some time now. This means that we expect to get a physical sample of our entire game within 4 weeks.

Next up, we move into mass production. This can happen as quickly as 7 weeks, however, our game is rather large, so we’re expecting something closer to 8 or 9 weeks. Once Panda has finishes this step of the process, it’s our responsibility to get it to backers. This process will be handled by MR. B and the fulfillment center he works closely with. We estimate that this shipping process will take about 4-8 weeks.

If our estimates our on point, we expect that Middara will be in your hands sometime in September.

See ya next Friday!

The Succubus Team

Crunch Time!

What’s up backers!?

We’re working hard to get this game to our printers by the end of February so that you can all have our awesome game by the end of the year. In the meantime, we wanted to talk about how players acquire new equipment in Middara.


So much cash!


Party Splitting and Pledge Manager Links

Hey all! We have some new tile art to show you this week. Alex is nearing completion of the last area of the game, and it is looking really great. See for yourselves.


Super spooky…. Anyway, we are grinding through the game in our playtesting, and things are getting interesting. As a sneak peak, what we are ironing out at the moment are the details of Dual Encounters and times when the Adventurers split up. We want to always have 4 playable figures so no one has to sit out, because sitting out is no fun! This part of the game gets pretty twisty as far as the story goes, and we want to make sure that we do the heavy lifting to make things play as smoothly as possible.

I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but who is with you and what they are doing can change a lot based on your previous decisions. This makes things a bit complex on the design side, but hopefully it will pay off in a big way. We are really excited about how it’s shaping up!

There is one more thing that we wanted to mention today. We will be sending out links to the pledge manager again in case people can’t find them or need to fix something. If you have completed your order, then it will just take you to your order confirmation screen. You don’t need to do anything else. If you have not completed your order, then it will take you to the pledge manager.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. Here’s to 2017 being excellent!

The Succubus Team