Winter is upon us!

Hey everybody!

We hope everyone had a great week. The reception to the figures we posted last week has been really encouraging. We were really impressed with the work Panda did. Now that we have shown the figures, we are gearing up to get pledges finalized. Anyone who hasn’t filled out their pledge manager yet, please do so as soon as possible. We are available to answer questions and provide support to anyone who needs it.

In other news, has their list of most anticipated games for 2017 up right now. These are games that are slated for release next year, and I have to say, 2017 is looking to be a pretty great year for board gamers! If you are looking forward to Middara, you can vote for us HERE by clicking on the green thumb.

We hope everyone is having a nice Festivus season/Decemberween celebration! Take care and we’ll catch you all next week.



-The Succubus Team