Wave 1 Delivery!

Getting right to the point! Wave 1 is set to deliver by late Q3 2020. Again, we thank you for your patience with us. We know that everyone has been affected in their own way from this pandemic and unfortunately, it set our Wave 1 delivery back a bit.

The good news is that China is back in action and things are moving smoothly on the production front!

Here are a couple pictures that our plastics factory sent us of the production!

Thousands of Earth Loas!
…And Shadow Lords!

Need a refresher on what is included with Wave 1?

  • Middara Unintentional Malum : Act 1
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • Set of Playmats
  • Extra Dice (17 total)
  • Art Book 1
  • 5×6 Card Sleeves
  • 1.1 Update Pack
  • 1.1 Extra Rulebook
  • All Resin Kits
  • Promo Etched Dice

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