An Update About Minis

Hey everybody!

This week, we wanted to give everyone an update on the whole miniature situation. We have talked to Prodos, and while their Unicasting yields some impressive results, it is just too expensive to justify. We are already struggling to keep the MSRP near $100.00, and the extra cost would have made that impossible.

Panda, on the other hand, has stepped up to the plate. We talked with many in the company and they are really going out of their way for us. We had to make some engineering changes to the 3D sculpts, but we hope to be getting production samples soon. We are really optimistic that they will be good. We could have had some samples already, but Panda was frank with us. They said that with the sculpts as they were, the samples wouldn’t be up to snuff, and helped us to get them sorted out. Again, a lot of the issues here stem from our inexperience and the industry’s history of secrecy surrounding miniature making.

We would also like to take a moment to address some of our backers concerns on finances. Some comments have expressed worry that we will run out of money before we deliver. These are very understandable worries, and we know that this has happened to other projects in the past. We just want to reiterate that in addition to the money from Kickstarter, we do have outside funding. We have a budget and a plan, and this product will deliver. We really appreciate the patience that everyone has shown, and we can’t wait to get you an awesome game!

On a lighter note, our writer, Kristopher Miles, has been blowing us away with his excellent prose. We always look forward to his new submissions, and are really impressed with how well he has portrayed our world and the characters. We expect to be posting some of his pieces in the next couple weeks.

Right now our team is working hard on finishing up the next version of the rulebook, so that will also be on the horizon. Since we’ve re-worked a lot of the detail on the miniatures we wanted to show off some of the more recent iterations of the CAD files. Below you can see a scale comparison we’re shooting for with Panda right now.

Scale Comparison
Scale Comparison

This project was very ambitious and we’re very thankful that our backers have been patient and stuck with us. When we have a date from Panda on those samples we’ll let everyone know. We expect this to happen soon as we’re working with them regularly on the miniatures now that we’ve decided to not use Prodos.

Also, as mentioned earlier, we do have a contingency plan. We’re reaching out to another manufacturer who is helping us with miniatures as well just in case we don’t like the miniatures from Panda.

Thanks for checking out our weekly updates!