Trail of a Princess

An Opportune Tip

Time is of the Essence

The situation in Hyde escalates as trusted allies become hideous new foes. As the rumors of death and treachery make their way to the capital, Shayliss takes matters into her own hand. A timely tip from Kajax sends Shayliss on a quest to find her missing sister and investigate what role Nightingale had during the events at Hyde. 


An Opportune Tip is an Adventure Pack for 1-2 players. It’s the first of a short series of free adventures following Shayliss Arsen. To play Opportune Tip, players must already own both Unintentional Malum and the Pirates of Elenia Adventure Pack. Opportune Tip will be released as a print and play PDF sometime around June of 2019. During our reprint we’ll be providing backers with a physical copy free of charge.