AOE Project Info

Hey guys! Welcome to Assemblage of Eternity. Our Kickstarter will hopefully be running sometime in the next couple months. So we thought we would give everyone a short overview of what we’re trying to do. On the Kickstarter for the AOE project, we will be striving to accomplish a big goal. First and foremost we created a fun board game for 2-4 players that simulates fighting games pretty accurately. We have 1v1, 2v2, scramble, and tag modes all shipping with the game at the funding mark. We have a bunch of really cool stretch goals and over-funds planned. Our very talented 3d artist is doing some cool sculpts for miniatures for us, extra characters for the game are planned, and we are planning more arenas to fight in.  Really, we spent a long time trying to make this the best fighting game in the traditional market.

Here at Succubus Publishing ,we believe that everyone should be able to try fighting games without spending a dime. So, we’re pleased to announce that during the kickstarter we will have a print and play version of our board game containing two characters, one arena, and a rulebook, free of charge to anyone who wants to just give it a try.

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