Attending Salt Lake Gaming Con!

We’re excited to let everyone know we’ll be at Salt Lake Gaming Con all weekend. If you’re in town, we’d love to show you the game!

We’ll be playing the game all weekend for those interested in trying it out. We’ll also be receiving production prototypes of our entire miniature line, hopefully on Saturday. If they get here in time, we will have them at the convention.

You can find more information about Salt Lake Gaming ConĀ here.

In addition, we were also featured in a local magazine called City Weekly. You can check out the short article they did on us here. Also, the booth mentioned in the article is incorrect, we are actually in booth 900.

Lastly, we wanted to remind everyone of the status of the game. We’re currently still getting all the digital files over to Panda. We’ve got a lot of spot UV on the tiles, so this took a bit to prepare. We should be getting a pre-production copy soon and we’re still planning on q3-q4 of this year for delivery.

Thanks for taking the time to read our short update. Hope to see you at the convention!

The Succubus Team