Boss Fights!

Hey Everyone,

Today we wanted to showcase what is a staple of RPGS and Dungeon Crawls and something we are happy to have included in MIDDARA, boss fights! These are the pinnacle of what your team of adventurers have been gaining experience and gearing up for and there will be many bosses to encounter throughout your journey.

Getting down to the basics of what each boss will bring to the table:

  • A Combatant Card printed in the Adventure Book with unique artwork and AI.
  • Special Encounter rules to keep you on your toes during the fight. Unlike most combatants, you won’t have perfect knowledge of what the boss will do in every situation.
  • Special rewards for defeating them. This could be a large amount of Gold, unique loot for the type of combatant the Boss is, or even specific story items gained only by defeating the boss.

Some boss encounters also have special lose conditions which have the possibility of triggering an early ending for our intrepid adventurers.

We don’t want to spoil too much but we will show you an early Boss encounter in the first part of the story, the Warden.

The Warden 2
The Warden

He’s an impressive foe that can really do some damage to the our adventuring party. What’s more is that it holds the key to the adventurers escape!

The Warden
The Warden’s Combatant Card

During the encounter with the Warden, the adventurers are attempting to escape a dungeon, but the Warden holds the key to the exit! Using a Agility skill check, an adjacent adventurer may attempt to steal the key, but failing this check results in the Warden making free attacks against them.

Luckily for the players, the Warden is slow, and can be strategically pulled, kited, or put into an unfavorable position that could result in the creatures death from a dangerous fall.  Be careful though, killing the warden by throwing him off the edge of a cliff, or otherwise removing his body from play can result in a thematic twist. After all, the creature is carrying the key to the exit.

Boss Encounters are something we wanted to explore on a semi regular basis in Middara. Players can expect a handful of monsters printed exclusively in the Adventure Book’s Diagrams. Meaning that players will not know what they might encounter until the creature is upon them. This form of hidden mechanics allows us to keep players on their toes, and prevent them from “meta gaming” to much.

Thanks for checking out our weekly update. We’ll see you all next week!