Business as Usual

Hey Everyone,

Here we are again, another beautiful Friday! We are getting to the point where we don’t have much left to tell everyone. We have paid for the miniatures, play-tested the entire story, and are moving on to proofing all our text to send to Panda. Once everything is in Panda’s hands, we will probably move to less frequent updates, as we will all just be waiting for the game to get on the boat at that point.

We will definitely post updates when we have news, but unless someone is dying to hear about our adventures in battling spelling and grammatical errors, we just don’t have too much to tell. We will still check messages, emails, and comments, and will still post a few big updates for things like getting the proof copy and the production run of the rest of the minis.

We have some new art we debated on showing off, but in the end we decided that it was too spoiler heavy. We want to leave SOME surprises for you, after all! You guys are the best community of backers, and we hope your weekend is excellent!

-The Succubus Team