Climbing the Rulebook Mountain

Hey backers!

Brooklynn here. I’ve been down in the trenches the last month working on the Rule Book for Middara. I poked my head out long enough to pull the rest of the Succubus Employees from their play testing down into the trenches with me so that they could begin the long and arduous proof reading process. I’m happy to announce that the Rule Book is about 95% done at this point and is looking great.

I’ve updated the link to our Rule Book on our website here. We had some backers last week wondering when it would be a good time to read through the Rule Book and give feedback.

Now’s the time.

The Rule Book has already been proofed up to page 46 by our team and will be completely proofed by next Friday. This proofing process also includes a Style Guide, so if you wonder why things get wonky after page 46 that’d be the issue. In Addition, we’re missing a page on Mini games, the glossary, and the FAQ section at the back of the book. Besides those three things, from a content point of view, the Rule Book is complete. So if some of you Rule Book gurus are willing to give it one more read through we’d really appreciate it.

Following the update of the Rule Book next Friday I’ll be introducing any feedback we get from backers, and those who were kind enough to volunteer to read our Rule Book at our local game stores. Lastly, Stephanie will be making one last go through to make sure the book is artistically laid out in the best possible way.

On another note, our tiles for the base game are nearly complete. Below you can see some older tiles with a preliminary grid placed on them.









In addition, we’ve got a new tile from Gehenna below













I’ll leave you with one more thing before we end today’s update. Stephanie has finished taking the first part of our game from a word document to a beautiful Adventure Book. Below are 6 of over 100 unique pages already complete. We blurred out the text to keep it spoiler free. The cover is still a work in progress but below is one of our ideas for that as well. The writing in the examples below has yet to be professionally proofed and put through our style guide. Since reading through this would prove as a serious spoiler, we’ll be reaching outside of our kickstarter community to work on the Adventure Book.

Also, we had some individuals ask if the red boxes are meant to be revealed using a Red Reveler like on old Cereal boxes. Yes, yes they are. The reveler comes with the Adventure Book, and most red acrylic clear enough can be used as well. The Digital PDF Versions of the Adventure Book are revealed by clicking on the hidden boxes.


screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-12-44-45-amsample-3 sample-2 sample-1















It goes without saying but we’re incredibly excited to be able to deliver this product as soon as possible. Thanks for all your awesome support, the feedback we keep getting is always helpful.

See you all next week!