Delivery and Web Store Launch Update

Delivery and Web Store Launch Update

Hello everyone, Alex from Succubus here.

For any newcomers visiting this website, I just wanted to give a quick update on where things are at.

Basically, we are holding off on launching the new web store at until the Wave 1 Kickstarter orders are fulfilled. We feel that this is only fair since they’ve all been waiting 2 years for this!

It’s looking like mid-April is when we will likely launch.

We will have a US facility and an EU facility stocking games, but we will ship anywhere in the world.

We have stocked up this time around but supplies are limited.

Wave 1 includes:

  • Middara Unintentional Malum Act 1 (Base Game)
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • Playmats
  • Large Sleeves
  • Extra Dice
  • All 10 Resin Kits (very, VERY, limited)

For current backers of Middara that already own the first edition copy of the game, the store will also include:

  • 1.1 Update Pack
  • 1.1 Rulebook
  • 1.1 Adventure Book

These three 1.1 Update items ARE NOT necessary unless you were a backer of our first campaign and already own Middara!

Kickstarter delivery progress:

Australia and EU orders are currently in the process of fulfillment.

The UK ship can be tracked here.

The US ship can be tracked here.

Both the UK and US ships look to have an ETA floating around the end of March. It’s hard to say how long it could take for the boats to unload and be trasported to their respective warehouses.

Again, we’re shooting get everything fulfilled by the middle of April.

Everything from Wave 2 will become available for pre-orde later on once we get closer to the delivery of those products.

For everyone that is anxiously trying to get their hands on a copy for Middara, we thank you for your patience. We are so close!

Have a great day, and stay sexy.