Demon Duet

Occult Guidance

Frightening Disguise

A Harbinger makes a huge mistake and a group of tight-knit friends are traumatically torn away from Earth. The Advancement causes serious turmoil and discourse threatening to tear lifetime bonds apart. As the group struggles to come to terms with all the sudden change, the Elenia Institutes lead councilor is called in to try and keep the grief stricken group together. 


Occult Guidance is an Adventure Pack optimized to be played with either 1, 2, 3, or 4 players. It’s the prologue to an unannounced Adventure Pack following a mix of new and old characters. To play Occult Guidance, players must already own both Unintentional Malum and content yet to be announced. Occult Guidance uses the Nyx Promotional figure that was given away on our first Kickstarter and will be released as a print and play PDF at an undetermined date. When released, returning backers who already own the Nyx Promotional figure will be gifted a physical copy free of charge as part of the associated returning backer pledge. 

Due to content required on a future release cycle, this Adventure Pack was pushed back to a later date. As more details become available we’ll announce them on both our kickstarter, Newsletter and on this webpage.