Difficulty and Player Elimination

Hey Everybody,

We hope you are all doing well this Friday! We have a new update for the rulebook for you. If you want to check it out, you can download it here. Any feedback that you have is greatly appreciated.

One thing that people have been asking about is Player elimination. Right now, we do have player elimination. If an adventurer bites the dust, they are out until the next encounter. This is usually not too long, but we also know that a lot of people don’t like player elimination. To that end, we have developed a variant to get rid of player elimination. Instead of a player being out of the game, the party gets an Urgency Token each time someone dies. The player is returned to the board fully healed and ready to fight. The drawback is that once the party gets 6 Urgency Tokens, they lose the encounter. This allows everyone to keep playing without removing the challenge of the game. In fact, the game is a little harder this way. We have suggestions in the rule book to tailor the experience to your gaming group’s preferences, such as increasing or decreasing the amount of Urgency Tokens that can be gained before the party loses.

Difficulty has been a hot topic in the studio lately as we fine tune the game. We like a difficult experience perhaps more than your average gaming group, but we want the game to be fun, first and foremost. We have found a lot of opportunities to tailor the gaming experience without removing the mechanical framework that makes Middara unique. There are things like AI decisions and target priorities that are left up to the players on occasion. These are perfect opportunities for players to swing in the favor of the party or the monsters depending on how hard they want the game to be. Also, there is a lower penalty for failure than many other games. The story continues most of the time, regardless of if the party failed an encounter. There are negative consequences, to be sure, but the game can still continue on.

These are the sorts of nitty-gritty game design questions we have been having lately. What do you think about game difficulty? Are you a hard-core masochist, or a casual gamer? Either way, we hope to deliver you a good time. Thanks for joining us for our Friday update. Have a great weekend!

-The Succubus Team

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