Trail of a Princess

Diplomatic Facade

Insurgents & Intrigue

With tensions rising between Elenia and the neighboring Brahmanian Empire. King Balthazar expects loyalty from old allies. At his request, Shayliss Arsen accompanies her brother on a diplomatic mission to Fairedge. The small town sits between the two powerful countries and would be in a very advantageous geographical position should either Elenia or the Brahmanian Empire go to war.

Distrustful of the King of Fairedge and unwilling to leave anything up to chance, Shayliss’ diplomatic visit is more than it seems. Using the formal visit as cover, Shayliss intends on meeting with the Arsen family’s established elite spy network, the Grigori Exalted.

But upon meeting the Grigori Exalted, it’s clear that something is horribly wrong. Unwilling to scrap years of work, Shayliss takes it upon herself to make sure that the work they’ve put into manipulating the small country hasn’t been for nothing.


Diplomatic Facade is an Adventure Pack for 1-2 players. It’s the second in a short series of free adventures following Shayliss Arsen. To play Diplomatic Facade, players must already own both Unintentional Malum and content yet to be announced. Diplomatic Facade uses the Ballroom Shayliss figure given away on our first Kickstarter and will be released as a print and play PDF at an undetermined date. When released, returning backers who already own the Ballroom Shayliss product will be gifted a physical copy free of charge as part of the associated returning backer pledge. 

Due to content required on a future release cycle, this Adventure Pack was pushed back in lieu of An Opportune Tip. You can find more information about An Opportune Tip here.