A Curious Room

  • Justice is losing steam, worried about the members of the Anointed and the fact that they haven’t encountered anyone else yet despite traveling so far. Zeke reassures her that they’re bound to find them eventually, they just have to keep looking. They have to be down here somewhere.
  • Damocles calls them over, revealing the entrance to a massive chamber that proves to be their destination. It holds numerous strange arcane objects, preserved from the jungle’s rot thanks to the great depth.
  • Justice warns them not to touch anything, as she investigates an ancient tome held in protective glass. She seems excited with the secrets it contains, and hopes to be able to take it back to translate it fully on the surface.
  • While she’s reading, Damocles ignores her advice and tampers with one of the artifacts, releasing a gigantic tree-monster from within which immediately attacks them.
  • Justice is unwilling to run, and tries to get past it to the tome, forcing Zeke and Damocles to fight their way after her.
  • ! Flag Check: Experienced Guide