A Dark Passenger

  • After arriving to the Jeong House, the group collapses, and unwinds. Nightingale is clearly the most beat and her skin is still pale, but through her determination to convince everyone that she’s alright, they let leave her be.
  • Suri asks about the Jeong House, commenting about the magical hum about the building. Zeke explains that the royalty used the building as the dorms for their children and that the whole place is covered in magical enchantments that keep them safe from harm.
  • After bidding farewell to Suri, she vanishes returning to the realm from whence she came.
  • The group spends the night at the jeong House.
  • Nightingale suffers terrible nightmares that night as she constantly sees images of the white shard on the pedestal and a horrific black ooze with a thousand eyes. As she comes to, images of the thing linger in her vision, standing in her bedroom. Shaken, but still determined not to alarm anyone or be forced to go to her father, Nightingale shakes it off and heads downstairs for breakfast.
  • While they eat a loud pounding at the door startles them. On the other side of the front door they find Kufu on an errand. He explains that that the three of them were summoned by King Balthazar himself for a special audience. Worried that their foray into the White Vaults was uncovered and concerned that her father might force her to stay away from Remi, Nightingale brings Remi along to the meeting. If push came to shove, Nightingale intended to demand an explanation to the royalties aversion to her new friend.
  • Together, the four depart with Kufu towards the Arsen Castle, afraid of the disciplinary action that was to come.