A Dark Visit

  • Nightingale leads the way, the first to fight whatever they encounter. She’s not afraid anymore, the Maluma floats around beside her every moment. Compared to the parasite strangling her soul, how can any monster frighten her?
  • The Shadow Lord appears after a little while, expressing surprise they’re still alive. It mentions casually that the ‘others’ down in the depths are trying to get killed just as hard.
  • Nightingale says that she doesn’t care if they get killed, they deserve it for breaking the Aegis stone. Even so, she asks where they are.
  • The Shadow Lord finally takes notice of the Maluma, remarking that it’s going to win two souls from her.
  • Nightingale asks more respectfully, and this time the Shadow Lord answers. It appreciates the work of a serial killer, considering her a fellow craftsman.
  • The group is left to decide whether or not to follow the Shadow Lord’s instructions and find Zafir, or leave him to die.
  • ! Special: Decide to obey the Shadow Lord, or not abandon the blood trails.