A Distress Call

  • While walking through the ash-ridden dreary town of Hyde. Rook’s amulet starts glowing, signifying that Suri wants to manifest. Worried that Suri must have some important information to share. Rook pulls off into a dilapidated building and gestures the others inside.  
  • Suri suddenly appears. She exclaims that one of her Arkallan sisters is just outside the walls of Hyde and is in serious danger. She explains that a distress call such as this must be a last resort. No creature from Arkalla would take such a risk unless it was very serious. Suri goes on to explain that these distress calls are dangerous because they reach out to all those around them, even creatures from the great bounty. It’s likely that if she keeps it up, whoever is putting out the call will be tracked by the ominous and powerful Great Bounty. Suri urges the party to help her pursue this further.
  • The group agrees and hastily exit the city’s walls on Suri’s directions.
  • Not far out of town, the group tries to keep pace as Suri leads them through a cluster of thick trees in an isolated area off the main road. Soon, the group stumbles upon the girl who must have put out the distress call.
  • A woman who shears Suri’s distinctive look and aura stands beside a human looking male. Both have weapons drawn, one holding a spear and the other a club. Nearby, a crazed woman nears them, her own scythe drawn. The crazed woman charges, and the man steps forward to protect the Suri-esque girl he’s with. He is injured by a vicious blow by the scythe and falls to the ground. As the crazed woman turns her attention towards the still standing foe, the man yells for his companion to run, calling her by the name of Isla.
  • The group follows Rook as he sprints forward in an attempt to intervene and save the lives of both the injured man and the woman with the Suri-esque features named Isla.