A Somber Realization

  • Shayliss stops the group after walking a long while, horrified by what she’s discovered. She rages that Justice is lost and there’s nothing they can do. Her map didn’t show it, but now that she’s here she recognizes the spot.
  • Shayliss explains that Justice is trapped beyond the protection of the Aegis stone, an ancient and powerful protection put in place by Lo Jeong. It’s the only thing keeping Greyhaven safe from thousands of creatures that dwell in the Eerie.
  • After discovering there’s no other way to open it without putting the city at risk, Nightingale suggests asking the city’s rulers, Tyrial and Abigail, about the Aegis stone. Maybe they’ll have a way to get them past it without putting Greyhaven at risk.
  • Zeke is upset to leave Justice behind, but after seeing how much the Maluma has worn Nightingale down, he reluctantly allows them to leave.
  • ! Flag Check: Reluctant Partnership