A Tiring Meeting

  • The group flees into the swamps until they’re sure they aren’t being followed. Conditions are terrible and dangerous and they’re all exhausted by the time they find somewhere safe to catch their breath.
  • Nightingale is furious with herself, though Rook seems cautiously willing to believe what Zafir said about the Maluma’s goals. Maybe it really is trying to free an evil god, and they could be playing into its desires.
  • Nightingale argues that she isn’t a slave to its commands. It does talk to her and try to manipulate her, but she’s still in control.
  • Suri appears, urging the group to retreat from the swamps and gather allies. They ignore her, instead deciding to rest for a bit until the Anointed are asleep, then try to sneak into camp to rescue their friends.
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