A Tussle With Mortals

  • The Celestial Gigas bores down on the party after a crushing defeat.
  • Isla pleads to the Lion-Beast to let them live, she argues they are only doing what they feel is right. Isla gives herself up as payment and as a show of her sincerity. The Lion-Beast accepts the offer, attributing their reckless decisions as a byproduct of the folly of man. However, the Lion-Beast explains that Isla will be judged here and now knowing full well that she is guilty for escaping her prison, and worse, involving and endangering humans.
  • Through tears, Isla agrees to the guilty plea. In a flash, the creature brutally tears Isla into pieces, satisfying the Great Bounty.
  • Showing some respect for Rook and the others for their commitment to doing what they believe is right, the giant creature pays them a reward for their decision in ultimately turning Isla over. The beast warns them that if this ever happens again, they will not be so lucky.
  • The time spent fighting the massive Lion-Beast proves to be too long for Faust. A long moment passes and the group comforts Faust as he dies in the grass nearby.
  • !New Story Flag: Judgement of Judas.