Aisling In Pursuit

  • Remi winces as she hides behind a rock to avoid the monsters pursuing her.
  • Using a torn piece of cloth from her nightgown, Remi bandage the wound the best she can. Without proper attention, though, it would do little to stifle the bleeding coming from a bad cut on her leg.
  • Aisling calls out from nearby in the dark. As Aisling nears, remi can hear the sound of her cleavers scraping crossed the rock walls.
  • Realizing she has no good option, Remi waits for the right moment to make one last ditch effort to sprint ahead of Aisling and out of the cave. As she stumbles towards the cave exit, She desperately hopes that someone has come to help her.
  • ! New Story Flag: Leg Wound.
  • ! Special: Aislings close pursuit of Remi has forced her to kill some nearby monsters.