All That Matters

  • Nightingale watches in horror as the Butcher decaipates Zafir before her eyes, butchering him in seconds. It turns on her, but before it can reach her Ezra and Brea arrive, fighting desperately to hold it back from Nightingale.
  • Ezra urges Nightingale and the group to flee, reminding them that the Pontifex is all that matters. They use this opportunity to escape as quickly as they can, making it some distance before they find an empty chamber to rest in.
  • The group discusses Zafir’s sacrifice. Damocles is unmoved by their deaths, while Remi is furious at the fate they suffered.
  • Nightingale has a breakdown, believing that Damocles was right. All of Greyhaven was condemned because of her mercy. The city will die, the group will die, and it will be Nightingale’s fault.
  • Zeke calms her down, though Nightingale remains grim.
  • ! New Story Flag: Butchered
  • ! Special: Zafir was killed