And Who is This?

  • Tyrial notices the Anointed lurking in the corner of the room. Zafir introduces their group, and explains the dark gods they fight. Abigail and Tyrial clearly think they’re completely insane.
  • When introductions are over, Nightingale explains their mission, and why they need to get into the Eerie.
  • Tyrial insists this is impossible, explaining that the dragon-slaying mural on their wall depicts the way Lo and Ida obtained it in the first place. They had to travel the Middle Passage, make a pact with a demon, then enter Arkalla and kill a dragon within. It would be impossible to recreate their feat.
  • There is no way to open the way into the Eerie. They ask Zeke if Justice would want to sacrifice the lives of everyone in the city to save herself. He admits that she wouldn’t.
  • Zafir insists that it wouldn’t be Justice’s choice to make. Not getting her and the piece of the Pontifex back might mean the death for everyone in Elenia. Even sacrificing a city is a modest price to pay.
  • Tyrial is outraged at the suggestion, and rejects the suggestion outright. Zafir stops arguing and submits quietly.
  • Abigail tries to reassure Nightingale that they’ll feel better tomorrow, and might be able to figure out what to do then.
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