Arriving in Hyde

  • The party finally enters the stone walls of Hyde. A smoggy, grey, mining town, covered in ash. Hyde isn’t the most welcoming sight. But it didn’t matter, they needed to find the person in charge so that they could ask about the whereabouts of a Theodotion Mage. Elias Hyde was both the Duke of Hyde and an old friend of Balthazar. He was known as kind and caring. Nightingale also knew how much Balthazar trusted him, so she thought that it was only fitting that she’d trust Elias too. More importantly, Elias Hyde would be the most likely person in the city to know more about the Theodotion mage.
  • They approach a nearby guard and ask for more information on where to find Elias Hyde. The guard points toward the sky to a lone manor sitting atop a massive hill.
  • The guard informs them that Elias, for some unknown reason, has been actively turning away visitors for some time now and doubts that this wandering group of kids will be any exception to that.
  • The party ignores the warning and hikes up the steep pathways, making their way up towards the elusive Hyde manor. As they walk, they converse, trying to come up with a strategy on their official story. After their blunders in Rhamsted, they decide to create a cover story rather than go with the tried-and-true “royalty from Elenia” schtick.
  • The Hyde’s are known as the most generous and hospitable of the Elenian royal families and Rook worries that something is wrong if Elias Hyde is turning away visitors.
  • Regardless, after going through the plan and cover story, the group decides that it’s going to be too much work without resting first. They decide to unwind a bit and check out the mysterious ash covered city before attempting to convince another member of the royalty that they need help.