Before the MAST

  • All newcomers to Middara must pass the Magical Aptitude and Skill Test, or MAST for short. The MAST is taken in a controlled dungeon called The Acerbus. This test must be passed before a newcomer can proceed as a full fledged citizen in the world of Middara.
  • After spending two years preparing for the MAST, Nightingale, second princess to the throne of Elenia is finally ready to take the test and finish her schooling.
  • Nightingale’s sister Shayliss is a proctor who is running the test and separates the students from their class into groups.
  • Testing groups are made of four individuals. Zeke Jeong is the youngest to the Jeong family. As Royalty, it was expected by their whole class that him and Nightingale would be grouped together.
  • Rook is chosen to be part of the group as well for having outstanding grades.
  • To Shayliss’ chagrin, Remi is chosen at random to be the fourth member of Nightingale’s group. Despite that, Remi is welcomed by Nightingale.
  • Shayliss leads all of the students to the armory to gear up.
  • ! Take Starting Pack: Gain Gear depending on your character.
  • All students head into the first part of the test: The Mast Day 1