Blackhand Revenge

  • It’s a rainy, unrelenting night. Over a steaming campfire, long after the others have gone to bed, Padric and Remi discuss what happened in Rhamsted. The two bond, and comfort each other knowing that both each tried their best. And despite Remi’s anger towards Aisling, seeing her father kill her in cold blood was still hurtful and unexpected. Regardless, Padric forgives her. He had feelings for Aisling, but he knew that what transpired wasn’t Remi’s fault. Instead, Padric blames Grace’s corruption and the Black Hand’s maliciousness.  
  • Together, the two mourn the brutal death of Aisling. Remi boils inside with anger and the two vow to exact revenge on Malik and Grace for what they’ve done.
  • Meanwhile, Gage sleeps in Remi’s lap. And as she looks into the fantastic and cute cat’s sleeping face she can’t help but be reminded of her father’s more compassionate side.