Blood Trails

  • The group travels through the Eeriee, following the trails of blood deeper. The Maluma torments Nightingale, trying to get her to leave. She ignores it for some distance, until the creature manifests physically before everyone.
  • Shayliss reacts with instant violence, but the Maluma is only a projection, and nothing happens. It explains they’ve reached the lair of the Shadow Lord. If they go further and they’re killed, their souls will be his forever.
  • Nightingale mocks it, pointing out that the Maluma is only afraid because it too would be captured. They ignore it and continue on.
  • The Maluma wasn’t lying, and soon they pass through a boundry into the Shadow Lord’s lair. The creature notices them instantly, manifesting as a faint projection. It admits that Justice is trapped in its lair, and they’ll never find her.
  • When it’s finished mocking them the Shadow Lord vanishes, leaving them free to continue downward.
  • ! Flag Check: Reluctant Partnership
  • ! Flag Check: Massacred