City in the Swamps

  • The group finally reaches Gehenna, an ancient stone city that has been completely overgrown by the swamp on all sides. Justice uses her tome to show everyone a picture of what it looked like before being abandoned, and the non-human population that lived there.
  • Justice meets Suri for the first time, who emerges to explain that her own species built the city long ago. At the same time, the group discovers that Suri and her kind are not immortal. Only humans don’t age.
  • The group reaches the center of the city, and encounter the Anointed camp. It has been completely abandoned, probably for several days. Justice explains that the Anointed are devoted to fighting a cabal of godlike beings called the Council of Abhorrence, which Suri doesn’t believe exist.
  • After a search, Rook discovers crude maps of the city leading to the library, which Justice believes Zafir must’ve written. The group decides to follow them, and hopefully find the Anointed.