(Major – Clarified): Bounties (PG. 13)

We’ve updated the Bounties section to be more clear as to our intent. It now says the following:

Many Story Rounds include the special Bounty Side Quest. A Bounty is a set of Encounters that can be attempted during the Explore Phase of a Story Round. Only 1 Bounty may be attempted each named Story Round. Meaning, that if you own more than 1 Bounty , you still can’t attempt more than 1 during a Story Round.

Story Rounds will specify the Bounty that can be attempted based on its difficulty rating. Players may not attempt a Bounty with a higher difficulty rating than the Story Round allows.

Each Bounty has a difficulty rating listed to help players know if they are ready to face the challenge.

(1 Skull) – Easy Bounty: Common Items are recommended!
(2 Skull) – Intermediate Bounty: Uncommon Items are recommended!
(3 Skull) – Hard Bounty: Rare Items are recommended!
(4 Skull) – Special Bounty: Optimized top end builds required!

Once a Bounty has been completed, Adventurers may never attempt it during that Adventure again. If a Bounty is lost, players may try to complete it again during the next named Story Round.

!Important: Adventurers do not keep Rewards earned or Drawn from a failed Bounty. To earn rewards of any type, players must successfully complete the Bounty in its entirety. If Adventurers fail a Bounty, discard all rewards earned during the Encounter(s) before returning to the Story Round.