(Minor – Clarified): Empower (PG. 50)

This has been re-written to add context and to be more specific on our intent. It has been changed to the following:

During the Empower step of an Attack or SPELL, a Adventurer may use the Empower Ability.

To Empower an Attack, an Adventurer spends 1 SP when building their combat dice pool to add the BLACK (DIE). This Die will provide additional Symbols that can be used on Symbol Abilities during the Attack.

To Empower a spell an Adventurer spends 1 SP when building their Force Pool to add the BLACK (DIE). Spells cannot normally use Symbol Abilities. However, when Empowering a SPELL, for each (BOOK) rolled on the BLACK (DIE), add +1 to the Force of the SPELL.

Depending on whether an Adventurer used the Empower Ability during an Attack or SPELL determines what the (SKULL) Symbol does when rolled.

  • Attack: If the (SKULL) is rolled during an Attack, the Attack misses, regardless of the numbers rolled on the Combat Dice.
  • Spell: If the (SKULL) is rolled during a SPELL, the SPELL fails to affect the target and 3 IRREDUCIBLE DMG is dealt to the caster.

Some Weapons also list the BLACK (DIE) as part of their Combat Dice. Attacks made with these Weapons are always Empowered. Empowering in this way does not cost additional SP.

A Spell or Attack may never be Empowered more than once.

Important: Some Abilities might use the BLACK (DIE) as part of their text. In these instances, the listed Ability does not count as Empowering and will specify what the BLACK (DIE) does.