(Minor – Clarified): Unique Items (PG. 27 & PG. 55)

We’ve re-written the following rules for clarification regarding Unique Loot and how it interacts with the Story Round.

“Unique (PG. 27): All of the above Tiers have a Unique version of the cards available. Unique Items represent an Item with a unique history behind it’s existence. See Unique Loot Pg. 55.”

“Unique Loot (PG. 55)
Unique Loot is a special type of Combatant Loot Card. Unique Items represents special Items in Middara that are incredibly difficult to obtain.

If an Adventurer kills a Combatant and draws the Unique Loot card, that Adventurer randomly draws a Unique Item of the appropriate Tier (Loot LVL of the Encounter) from the Unique Item deck.

In the Adventure Mode, players will usually be instructed to add a single Unique Card of a specific rarity for sale at the start of a Story Round. This Item will be for sale until purchased and is never replaced. Meaning, even if you return to that specific Story Round at a later date, you will not draw a new Unique Item.

If you return to the same Story Round and you’ve already purchased the Unique Item that was previously for sale, then you will not have a Unique Item available to purchase.

!Important: If you don’t purchase a Unique Item and you end up being instructed to draw a Unique Item during a future Encounter, you will not shuffle that Unique Item in as one of the possible options as it is still for sale back at the store. Furthermore, if you do not purchase Unique Item, or you decide to sell it, this Unique Item is lost and remove from game for the rest of the adventure.”