Clumsy Withdrawal

  • The group discovers why Alana was such a threat to the Annointed as they’re beaten to a bloody pulp. The former Nymph discovers Justice, the reason they were able to bypass so many of her traps. She’s going to feed her to her Wurm first.
  • Before she can, Damocles distracts the beast long enough for them to escape down a side-passage, barring it behind them. Alana begins to break down the door in rage, before yelling something about an attack on her lair, and abandoning her attempt to kill them for the moment.
  • The group limps back to their camp in the library, discovering Nightingale is missing.
  • Rook wants to return to the ruins to find her, but is outvoted by everyone else. They’re barely standing after their fight, they need time to treat their wounds and recover from all the fighting. They can go get Nightingale once they’ve had a little time.
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