Coming Clean

  • As they follow Damocles out into the streets, Nightingale decides to tell Damocles the truth as to why they are in Hyde. She stops him to explain that they aren’t the original help his father sent for. Regardless, Nightingale still wants to help his family.
  • Damocles demands to know more so Nightingale elaborates. Nightingale catches Damocles up briefly, then explains that they are looking for a Theodotion mage.
  • Damocles figures that as long as they are willing to help him with his mother’s situation, he doesn’t care why they are here. More importantly, Damocles explains that he knows nothing of a Theodotion mage. However, if this fabled Theodotion magic was powerful enough to collapse a large section of the Hyde Mines, then it may be related to the explosion that occurred a few days ago.
  • Nightingale begins to inquire to learn more, but Damocles cuts her short and explains that they’re going to see the jailer. He tells Nightingale that her questions would be better asked there.
  • Apparently, Damocles already has a lead that none of them know about.