Cozy Fire

  • Over a campfire, Nightingale expresses that she is sick of her obligations as a cooped up princess and shares her intense desire to be an adventurer and see the world. After graduation, she dreams to join the Demiurge, an illustrious and elite group of soldiers. Her close friend Kufu is even already part of the Demiurge.
  • Zeke doesn’t know what he wants to do after graduation, but knows that he’d prefer to preserve his immortal un-aging life rather than throw it away by being an adventurer.
  • Rook wants to be able to support his parents on their small farm and thinks that both Nightingale and Zeke take their own privileges for granted.
  • Remi is hesitant to talk about her past and only listens.
  • The next morning, the party is awoken by the splashing of water. They realize they aren’t alone.
  • After a night of rest, the four head onto the second part of the test: The Mast Day 2