Cracked Façade

  • They do their best against Echo, but she’s just too powerful. She doesn’t seem to care much about Nightingale and the rest of the group though, taking sadistic pleasure in killing the Anointed one at a time. This lets the group crawl away, though she’d probably come for them next if her slaughter continued.
  • Zafir begs her to stop, and finally manages to get her attention. For a few moments they meet in silence, and she seems to become lucid again for a moment. She explains that she’s been enslaved, that the Stitcher is in her mind, forcing her to do its will. She wants desperately to escape, but even when she dies it only brings her back.
  • Mention of the Pontifex attracts the Esper’s attention. Now that she’s taken the pontifex piece, it drags her away into the swamp, leaving them behind.