Deeper into the Library

  • After wandering for some time, the group comes to a dead end covered in strange symbols.
  • Zeke asks if Suri knows how to translate them, but she says it’s much too ancient and she can’t be of any help. She explains that Arkalla is a vast realm with many creatures, including her own kind the Antargatis Siren. They don’t know everything every other species ever built.
  • Justice remembers that another Arkallan creature, a Nixie named Bexley, was advising the Anointed. She decides to try her tome, and with it she activates the spell on the door.
  • It opens, revealing a dead member of the Anointed, Jakobe, who had been trapped there. Justice is upset she couldn’t be there to save him. The group collects his valuables and continues forward.