Echo From the Past

  • Meanwhile, Justice and Zeke have been beaten and restrained outside the Anointed camp. While Justice waits for Zafir’s judgement, she notices a figure approaching from the jungle. At first she hopes it might be their rescue, but the one who emerges is Echo, fully healed. She doesn’t alert the Anointed to her arrival, hoping that she might be willing to let them free.
  • Instead, Echo puts her knife to Justice’s neck, demanding that she tell her where the Pontifex piece has been taken. Justice refuses, and would be killed, except that Zeke starts throwing rocks. Before Echo can finish what she’s doing, the commotion rouses the Anointed, who rush in to see what’s going on.
  • Zafir is amazed to see Echo there, and is almost unwilling to believe she could even be alive. Echo begs him to give her the Pontifex piece and let her go, since she doesn’t want to hurt him. But Zafir refuses, insisting that keeping it from Charon is more important than anything.
  • Eventually her Esper arrives, forcing her to fight. Zafir is unwilling to lift his weapon against her, but the other Anointed rush to his defense.
  • ! Flag Check: Experienced Guide