Ending The Pain

  • Nightingale whispers into Damocles’ ear. She kindly points out the struggle Elias is going through.
  • Damocles takes Nightingale’s advice. He steps up as the one who must kill his mother. He cannot allow his father to be the one to do it. Elias protests but Damocles doesn’t have to fight long before Elias backs down.
  • Damocles pulls out his dagger, an heirloom given to him by the very woman he’s about to kill. Despite Rivka’s deteriorating grotesque features, Damocles still only feels love her her.
  • Damocles holds the blade to his mother’s chest, then, he tells Rivka he loves her one last time before he plunges the knife into her heart.
  • Rivka is finally at rest.
  • !New Story Flag: A Son’s Love