(Critical – Error): Diagram 26

The Encounter, Dense Foliage (Adventure Book Pg. 369), used a Tile in a Diagram that was also used in its Encounter Setup. We’ve updated the Diagram to use a different Tile so that nothing breaks. However, this required that we also update some of the encounter text on both “Something Hidden” and the Green Loot to thematically represent the changes made to the Diagram. Mechanically, the changes to the Encounter itself are all the same. So, if you don’t care about the fluff you can always just check out the Diagram below and play as written.

Diagram 26 needs to use Tile UM70 instead of Tile UM52 and it’s setup has been changed. Refer to the download below for the correct Diagram setup.

(Spoiler) Below is a link to the proper print and play files: (Spoiler)

Diagram 26

Dense Foliage Encounter (No spoiler here)