Fighting To Her Last

  • Elias whispers one last goodbye to his wife before drawing his sword. He takes a deep breath, but it’s clear that he’s shaky and will have a very hard time committing the deed.
  • After a long moment of hesitation, Elias finally swings for Rivka’s neck. Rivka jolts to the side at the last moment in a sudden moment of rage. Elias cuts one of her restraints instead.
  • Rivka savagely lunges for Elias. She begs for him to kill her so that she won’t hurt him. Elias goes to the ground but is seemingly able to cut her throat before he’s infected himself.
  • The ordeal is clearly a horrific experience for Elias and he’s left shaken and emotionally distraught.
  • !New Story Flag: A Husband’s Duty