Finding An Inn

  • The group questions Zeke about why he didn’t mention that he had a cousin living in Rhamsted. Zeke explains that his cousin, Grace Jeong, is the Duchess of Rhamsted. But he’s heard enough rumors about her to know better than poke around in her business.
  • Worried that bugging royalty might uncover their escape from Elenia and get them caught by Yoel, the group is convinced by Nightingale to stay at a local Inn instead.
  • Nightingale finds an Inn called Padric’s Dragon Arms. It offered beds, tats, grog, and guns. It was perfect for the authentic adventuring experience she hoped to have.
  • The group introduces themselves to Padric, the owner of the Inn. The man sits at the bar, tinkering with a flintlock style firearms. He greets them warmly.
  • After securing lodging for the night, Nightingale insists to stay up late and drink. Nightingale only gets a single beer in before passing out from exhaustion and all but Remi ends up going to bed earlier than expected.
  • Remi struggles with understanding why her father was so weary of Nightingale and Zeke. As the hearth dies down and the bar empties, Remi is left alone. Eventually Padric approaches her. The owner of the Inn sits next to her with his own glass of beer and sparks jovial conversation.
  • After talking, Padric shines some light on Remi’s situation. Padric jokes that he never thought he’d see a Moretti hanging out with an Arsen. He explains that Malik Moretti has a bad history with the royal families and that while he didn’t officially own Rhamsted, he might as well have ‘owned’ Rhamsted.
  • The criminal insinuations about Remi’s father makes her uncomfortable. But Remi is too drunk and too tired to keep up the conversation with Padric, so she decides to turn in.