Fixing This

  • The group returns to the throne room to discuss the battle for Greyhaven. It’s already going badly. These aren’t mindless monsters rampaging, they’ve been plotting their revenge for years. An evacuation is underway, but many will not be able to escape.
  • There is only one way to save the city: reseal the Eerie with a new Aegis stone. They discuss the method used last time: a contract made with a demon, then the trip to Arkalla, and finally killing a dragon.
  • During this impossible task, Greyhaven will be under siege. If the attackers reach the float core, the palace will fall and the city will be destroyed.
  • Tyrial will fly to Castikoff for reinforcements while Abigail defends the city and protects the float core.
  • ! Flag Check: Soul Judgement
  • ! Flag Check: Last of her Coterie