Formulating A Plan

  • The group moves back into the cave to take cover from the storm and enjoy a moment of respite. Once inside, Zeke goes through the bag that Remi took from Aisling. Luckily, the Information Broker did in fact find what they needed. There was details about a Theodotion user traveling with a cult called The Anointed. The group was last seen in the city of Hyde.
  • Excited, Rook explains that Hyde is only a couple days walk. If they left Rhamsted tonight, they’d cover that ground in no time.
  • The group agrees. And despite being locked in the tower by Grace, the events that had just transpired were important enough that Grace needed to know that they handled it. And in anycase, Remi wasn’t going to leave without making sure Malik was alive and okay.
  • Together, the group decides to check in with Malik and Grace and explain themselves.