Gear Up

  • Just as her father instructed, Remi stops by her house to grab her gear before they depart Rhamsted.
  • She finds the Black Hand hard at work cleaning up what’s left of the Moretti estate.
  • Mia, the steward, invites her inside and shows her to her bedroom.
  • After grabbing her gear, as Remi turns to leave she sees a box on her bed. She might have not seen it at all if it hadn’t meowed. Above the box she finds a note written in Malik’s dense handwriting. It reads, “Congratulations on graduating, I wanted to get you something Special, and remember you saying how much you missed your cat from earth. I brought him home for you. Don’t tell anyone. Love, Dad.”
  • Inside, Remi finds a fantastic version of her cat from Earth. Gage had apparently passed through the advancement just like her and gained supernatural abilities.
  • ! Reward: Remi has reunited with her pet from Earth. In addition, Remi regains her old equipement.
  • After receiving her father’s thoughtful gift, Remi and the others make their way to Padric’s Dragon Arm’s. Charlotte is running the place in Padric’s absence. For their help, Padric left Charlotte with instructions to help them out.
  • ! Reward: Charlotte begrudgingly offers the group 1 free Item.