Get Off of Her!

  • All of them working together are finally able to kill the Butcher. Echo remains wounded, and the Stitcher is nowhere to be seen. Apparently it can’t reach here to repair her injuries.
  • Damocles attacks her immediately, determined to kill her at last. Rook and Padric pull him off. Shayliss explains that all of Greyhaven have a right to justice from her as well, and that he’ll have to bide his time. They need all the help they can get to escape from the Shadow Lord alive.
  • Echo agrees, explaining that she couldn’t possibly fight to the Shadow Lord on her own.
  • They confiscate Echo’s weapons for the time being, after protest.
  • Nightingale explains why they’re sparing her: she made a promise to Zafir and she intends to keep it.
  • ! New Story Flag: A Helping Hand