Gone Still

  • After a difficult battle, the group defeats Echo, and weakens the Esper enough that it is forced to flee.
  • She demands to know where Zafir is gone, and Nightingale tells her that he’s dead. This enrages her even more, and she seems likely to attack. Justice takes the Pontifex piece from Echo.
  • Damocles kills her, but doesn’t get to enjoy his revenge for long before the Stitcher returns and brings her back to life before their eyes. This attracts the Esper’s attention fully, and it attacks Justice, apparently swallowing her completely.
  • The Maluma appears to confront her, furious that the Pontifex piece has been destroyed. Echo informs them that Justice isn’t dead, but that the Stitcher transported her somewhere terrible, the lair of a Shadow Lord.
  • The Stitcher drags Echo out through the ceiling, and the group is unable to follow.
  • As they make to leave, another person arrives to confront them—Shayliss Arsen has found them.
  • ! Flag Check: Experienced Guide