Grabbing Our Things

  • The Pixies warn the group not to touch anything, that the room is trapped for those who might find it, but not for them.
  • They fly towards the huge coffin at the center, lifting it by its chains and dragging it out of the gold with surprising strength. The illusion of wealth vanishes, leaving them alone with the coffin. They say that the rescue is complete and now they can leave.
  • Zeke wants to know how they’re saving their master if they’re already dead, before a voice echoes from within the coffin. A strange voice echoes from inside. At first it seems hostile, before the Pixies informs it that the group isn’t food, and that they’re on an important quest.
  • Zeke says that in exchange for freeing them, he wants to know how to find Justice. The coffin promises that in exchange for their help escaping the lair, it will tell them how to find her.
  • The group confers in private to discuss their options.
  • ! Flag Check: Reluctant Partnership
  • ! Flag Check: Massacred