Greyhaven Revisited

  • As they close in on Greyhaven, it’s clear that they’ve come too late. A wide trail of death leads straight to the city.
  • When they finally arrive, their worst fears are confirmed. Fires burn as little battles rage all over. The sound of screaming citizens mingles with the roars of the monsters devouring them.
  • Nightingale wants to help the citizens, but Shayliss stops her, reminding Nightingale that the group has been beaten to a pulp and doesn’t have the strength right now. They need to reach the Amaranthine and help organize the defense from there.
  • A gigantic wurm emerges from the ground in front of them, smelling their blood. But before they can be devoured, a familiar airship arrives. Effie bombards the creature, sending it back underground and lowering a ladder for them. They climb aboard, ordering her to take them to the palace.
  • The group asks that she stay close, that they might need her ship later. She pilots them down to the battlements and lets them off. Abigail is waiting there to confront them as soon as they disembark. She demands to know why they would’ve destroyed the
  • ! Flag Check: Helping Hand
  • ! Flag Check: Massacred
  • ! Party Check: Is Zafir in the party?